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Beauty Bear TAN Vitamins are delicious gummies with flavor from sweet sunkissed peaches. Beauty Bear TAN Vitamins will prepare your skin for a beautiful and long lasting tan, while also protecting you from sunburn.

TAN Vitamins is not a substitute for the use of sunscreen. We recommend that you always use an appropriate SPF sunscreen when staying in the sun.

Does NOT contain any artificial sweeteners, colorants, or preservatives. Is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free.

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From 34.95

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Supplement Facts and Ingredients

Amount Per Serving (2 gummies): RI%
Beta-carotene 3 mg 188 %
Acerola extract 350 mg Not determined
 Heraf: Vitamin C 80 mg  100%

 Ingredients: Glucose syrup, cane sugar, pectin (fruit fibers), acerola extract (Malpighia glabra L.), beta carotene, natural aroma (peach), surface treatment agent (coconut oil, rapeseed oil, carnauba wax).

How many gummies should I take?

Take 2 gummies per day. Start 4 weeks before sun exposure and continue until the sun season is done. If you are fortunate enough to live in a place where the sun shines every day, you can easily take Beauty Bear TAN every day!

Can I take all the Beauty Bear variants at the same time?

Yes, the Beauty Bear variants (HAIR, SKIN, NAIL and TAN) are designed so that you can easily take them at the same time.

What does delivery cost?

Delivery in Denmark costs 25 kr., but when you order for 449 kr. or more (i.e. 2 products) the delivery is free. We ship with GLS, and we therefore also ship internationally to 48 countries. The fee for the shipments outside Denmark is depending on the destination. Delivery is expected for 1-3 days with in Denmark. You can choose to receive the package at your address, but it is also possible to choose delivery at a GLS package shop.

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How does TAN Vitamins work?
Beauty Bear TAN Vitamins is a strong combination of Beta-carotene and Vitamin C from Acerola. Start about 4 weeks before sun exposure to get the best possible effect. Continue while exposed to sun to make the most of the sun's rays while protecting your skin from getting sunburned. TAN Vitamins also helps against sun rash. Beauty Bear TAN Vitamins contain Beta-carotene that helps maintain skin, as well as vitamin C that helps with the formation of new collagen in the skin while protecting the skin from oxidative stress. BETA-CAROTENE contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and protects the skin against the sun's rays. Beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin A, which means that it can be converted into vitamin A into the body. Beta carotene is a carotenoid, and more specifically a carotene, which is a group of yellow and red pigments. They are occurring naturally in carrots, giving them their color. When taking beta-carotene over a period, you can experience “carotenemia”. This means that the under skin becomes golden and you get a golden skin color. When the skin gets tanned, the tanned color is formed around the pigment cells of the epidermis and gives the cell nuclei a protective layer. The sunburned tan is therefore a natural protection mechanism in the body. Supplementing with Beta-carotene makes us get the tanned color faster and makes it more difficult to get sunburned. In addition, Beta-carotene also helps against sun rash. ACEROLA is rich in natural vitamin C, which helps the body form new collagen in the skin and protects the skin against oxidative stress. Vitamin C is necessary to combine the amino acids that form parts of the proteins collagen and procollagen. Collagen is a main structural protein in connective tissue such as tendons and cartilage, but is also found in gums, bones, hair, nails and especially skin, making Collagen the most abundant protein in humans. As we grow older, our skin gets more wrinkled because the collagen formation decreases with age. UV rays from the sun also degrade collagen formation in the skin. Vitamin C is therefore important for maintaining the level of collagen required to strengthen and maintain the skin. It is therefore important to maintain the level of collagen via supplements to protect, strengthen and maintain the skin. You can read more about Vitamin C here. Beauty Bear TAN Vitamins are therefore an ideal supplement to achieve a beautiful and long lasting tan while protecting and maintaining your skin. However, we recommend that you always use appropriate SPF sunscreen when staying in the sun as Beauty Bear TAN Vitamins does not replace the use of sunscreen. If you are missing vitamins for skin, hair or nails, you can find them here.
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